BIDIBULES, Bidi Explorer Station, Age 2-7, Set 11 pieces

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The Bidi Explorer Station includes the Bidi-Copter, 5 Bidi figures, a fork lift and 3 Bidi boxes. The station includes: Observation post with radar dish, Heliport to welcome Bidi-Copter, Toboggan connecting the roof to the 1st floor, Rotary and telescopic crane with container magnet, Double command post, Hatch to settle directly in the Bidi-Bolide, Two rotating capsule beds, 1st floor swivels 360 Degrees to observe the surroundings. Les Bidibules are small creatures from outer space. They live in their bubble, a protection that allows them to adapt to all environments. They like to build, invent, go on adventures and discover the world with their funny flying machines.

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