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GymTime is a range of trestles, tops and activities that are all compatible with each other to offer an unending number of variations. To assist hand grip the equipment has been designed using larger tubes than conventional trestles, but the section of tube used also allows them to be lighter without sacrificing strength. A unique fastening eases the job of assembly, allowing children to participate in setting up for class and even suggesting and trying out their own ideas of layout. Suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 the complete pack includes a full range of trestle sizes which can be used with or without the Plain Tops and Pads, together with a range of linking equipment and a balance bench. Also included is a CD containing a set of worksheets and suggested layouts, in pdf format, together with warm up music.

Set contains

  • Large Trestle 1070mm (3' 6") high x 2
  • Medium Trestle 760mm (2' 6") high x 2
  • Small Trestle 450mm (1' 6") high x 2
  • Plain Top- fits all trestles 970 x 430mm (3'2" x 1'4") x 6
  • Top Pad - fits Plain Top 970 x 430mm (3'2" x 1'4") x 6
  • Balance Bench 2440mm (8') long x 1
  • Balance Bench Top Pad 2250mm long (7'4") x 1
  • Hoop 2600mm (8'5" long) x 1
  • Hoop 2100mm (6'9") long x 1
  • Single Bar 2050mm (6' 6") long x 2
  • Ladder 1900mm (6' 3") long x 1
  • Balance/Slide Plank 1850mm (6') long x 1
  • Teacher Support Pack
Pack Size Each
Warranty 1 Year

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